How I Do What I Do

Depending on the job type there are have many different tools and methods that I use. If I am doing a hard-coded website with HTML, JS, CSS, and maybe PHP, I have two different options. Occasionally what I'll do is use HTML frameworks such as Bootstrap and Font-Awesome to create the overall design of the website. This gives me, and the client I am developing the website for the ability to have a completely custom website design, while still saving time and effort on trivial things, such as the design of button and what-not. The second option that I have, is to use a premade design HTML template, from something such as HTML 5 UP, which this website is built off of. This is especially useful for someone who wants a neat, uniform design, but also wants their website done fairly fast. This can also be useful for a client who, although knows something basic about what they want, liek a color scheme, doesn't exactly have a custom design imagined. This gives the benefit of not having to fully design the website, while still having something very customizable and elegant.

The above methods assume that the client has enough knowledge of HTML, and other web development languages to update their site whenever needed, or this is a static site that won't need updating. However, if the person in question is, like most, not an expert in the web developing world, fear not, I use something just for you. Welcome to WordPress! WordPress is, by far, my favorite, and the most widely used, CMS (Content Management System). This allows someone to build a website or blog. The thing about WordPress that gives it an advantage over other CMS's, is that it allows for building and updating a website without looking at code, while still giving the end user as much customization available as physically possible. However, if the end user is familiar with HTML, but isn't an expert in CSS or JavaScript, and doesn't have the time to take to become one, then WP also allows you to put together your webpages in an HTML text editor, while writing your CSS for you. WP also comes with themes, both free and paid, so that no custom design is needed. I have quite a bit of experience with WP, and I can attest to the fact that it is one of the best Content Managment Systems available. Check it out over at

I've recently started developing web applications, using PHP, and MYSQL databases, in conjunction with the normal CSS, HTML, and JS. My father now does that for a living, so he has been teaching me a ton. This has allowed me to grow in my knowledge of how the web works, and how applications specifically work.

I am also currently developing a desktop application, just for experience. In addition to that, I will soon be developing a mobile app. I'm hoping to one day add those to my portfolio, and be able to offer desktop/mobile development to my services. I use github's electron for desktop design, and I use Adobe's PhoneGap and Cordova for mobile development.