Tears For 2 Tiers

This was a WordPress project I did in middle school when I was just starting out in web development. My algebra teacher had decided to make a joke about the McDonald's ice cream cones not being cones, but being two tiered conical cylinders. Even though it's nothing extravagant, it was good practice.

Bronc Botz Sports Competition Robotics Team

When I first joined the robotics team, I immediatly noticed their "website". It appeared to have been hastily put together, and hadn't been updated in at least two years. So I took it upon myself to create a completely new website. I decided to use WordPress, because I figure that once I'm gone, someone else will need to maintain and update the site, and that someone might not know enough to update a site without a CMS.

St. Pius X Parish

This was a job that I worked on with my Father, who used to be a web developer and designer over at designlab87.com. This was an especially interesting project for me, because it was the first "professional" web development project that I did.

Namespace87 Development

This website was created without a CMS, and with the help of a HTML 5 UP design. This was just a simple site to help promote the startup of my Web Development, and to help me gain experience.

FRC Beta C# Development 2017

This year, my robotics team's programmers (including me), decided to move from C++ to C# for our FIRST Robotics Competition Robot. This was a huge undertaking, and is still in development.

BHS Extemp

One of my classes in High School is debate. In this class, we have to pull current news articles from online to use as resources, as we are not allowed to use internet at tournaments. I got tired of pulling hundreds of articles manually, so I decided to create an application that would do that for me. It is still in development, which is why there is no link as of yet, but essentially, it is a PHP and MYSQL application that pulls news articles from major news sites. It then interfaces with a Desktop app (that I also wrote) to download all of those articles locally. This allows for the offline viwing of articles without ads or other annoying popups covering the page. It also saves .html files, saving much more space than the PDF's my debate class used to use.