Web Sites are undeniably my specialty. But there are a couple different types of websites to choose from. Take a look below at the three main types of websites that I specialize in. If you have questions, or want an opinion on what type of website to use, contact me!

I am currently working on a desktop, and a mobile application. I'm hoping to be able to add these types of development to my list of services in the near future. I'm always open to learning new things, so if you want something other than what I have listed here, go ahead and contact me anyway, and I'll see what I can do.

Content Management System

This is the choice for someone who wants a professional looking elegant website, but doesn't want to look at code. A CMS, specifically WordPress, is designed to be customizable, while being able to provide professional looking themes, and a helpful back end for users who aren't web programmers.

HTML Frameworks

If you have some knowledge of web development, but you are still wanting a custom design done by me, then this is the way to go. Features such as Bootstrap and Font-Awesome make custom design still 100% customizable, but remove the tedious process of size-responsiveness and element design such as buttons. This type of website is best for people who have someone who knows HTML to update their site, or if the website is static and does not need updating. This option also gives the ability to do a 100% customizable, but still responsive design.

HTML Templates

An HTML deisgn template is similar to the above website type, with one major difference. The design is not built 100% custom. There is still HTML and CSS to be edited, but the design is premade. For example, this website is built off of a design from HTML 5 UP. This allows for an elegant design that doesn't have to be custom made.

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